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14th August 2010

neverexost2:17am: Terran class - Marauder

27th July 2010

reservoired_dog2:30pm: StarCraft II T-Shirt Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Nerd Reactor is giving away two free t-shirts for StarCraft II. The t-shirt has a nice artwork of a Terran Marine facing certain doom.

Full Article Here
reservoired_dog2:02pm: StarCraft II Midnight Launch Event Brings Giant Crowd and Country Music in Orange County, CA

It was a very unique event that Blizzard threw for the StarCraft II Midnight Launch Event at Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA. Usually when video games would have midnight releases, gamers would just go to their preferred stores and wait in line until midnight to get their game. Blizzard decided to take it to another level by doing a whole big event. Let’s look at the recipe for how to throw a StarCraft II concert.

Full Article Here

28th July 2010

neverexost12:07am: http://community.livejournal.com/starcraftonline/
 For all fans of Starcraft, let's discuss possible Starcraft MMORPG :)

17th July 2008

solid_fear5:06pm: Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3 Icons/Sigs
[4]Diablo 3
[9]Starcraft 2
[5]Warcraft 3

[1]Diablo 3
[4]Starcraft 2
[1]Warcraft 3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

here @ my journal

5th October 2006

takeyouwithme2:24pm: Hey you WoWers!
I lead a guild on Scarlet Crusade ( NO WE DONT RP, I hate RP, but.. we're there anyway.. ) and we've just barely learned the awesomeness of the Video Mod!

WE just recently recorded my guilds fight with Arlokk in ZG, so if you're interested in seeing what the fight should look like from the MT's point of view, check it out! Here's the link:


9th January 2006

soules_sladex1:48am: my diablo day
Today rocked for me on Diablo2 lod i found a lidless and i made 1.2 millon gold so i could fix my enigma finaly. its been broken for like 2 months lol, i hate it when my shit breaks and i cant get the gold for repairs for a long time. its like then that char is useless til i get it fixed, but anyways after that i found a imortal kings belt almost got the whole set know for my barb even though he will never even use it cause imortal kings isnt the best i can get or have at the moment but ok im out.

8th January 2006

soules_sladex2:15pm: lets all play together
ok i rule at diablo i own at diablo2 and im god at diablo2 lod who wants some i accept all challanges and if you just want to chill on d2 lod with me and chat or quest im always up for a good baal game or somthing ok hit me up at us west gateway account name Soules-SladeX
Current Mood: devious

22nd December 2005

takeyouwithme6:34pm: Yes, I'm neurotic, so what?
Seems like there are some active people here, which is good.

All of the active people who play SC, we definately need to start a tournament, on east or west, doesn't matter, it could be fun. And in the event you want to get a hold of me without using LJ, Vayhne101, Aim. I'm normally always online, kind of. I just leave aim on really. Chances are you'll get a hold of me later in the evening when I'm not doing stuff.

Anyway, I love Starcraft ( I hate broodwar ) and Diablo 2 LOD. We should get this community to play games with one another, it'd be exquisite. ;D
takeyouwithme9:51am: Howdy!
Just joined the community...
I play Starcraft, WoW and D2 LOD... What games do you guys mostly play? Prehaps we could meet up on one of them? Maybe have a starcraft tourney with the community... could be fun.

17th October 2005

stoney_laker2:44pm: I cant play cs b/c
I need a new video card for my comp :( POO
Current Mood: good

16th October 2005

stoney_laker4:01pm: im a newb
hi im stoney_laker i like to play magic the gathering, counter-strike, and diablo 2 lod
Current Mood: anxious

11th May 2005

psion_shaper6:02pm: YAY we have people now!
YAY! we have people now! and since we do, hopefully we can make this a little more active. back when i first made this up there were like, 3 of us. anyway!

Im playing ALOT of warcraft III:TFT latly, mostly DotA and DBZ Tribute. anyone here play them, on US West (Or East, my connection is good ^_^) and want to set up some game times?

6th May 2007

truthnotbetold10:52pm: New Forum
New Brood War Forum

Current Mood: quixotic

4th May 2005

d2assassin11:27pm: nnnnnnnngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

7th April 2005

eyelie10:35pm: weird request maybe?
hi...i'm new here. i love to play diablo and diablo ii

unfortunately i lost my diablo i manual...can anyone scan their's at a high enough resolution that it isnt blurry? i just want the pics/sketchings/drawings in them? i'd greatly appreciate it. my friend needed it for some big artwork i asked for her to do for me.

please e-mail attachment or embedded to "eyelie@gmail.com"

thanx much.

6th April 2005

hamner9:34am: 640x480???
Is there a mod somewhere to force Starcraft and/or Warcraft 2 to run in 1024x768 (or at least 800x600)? Please tell me there is - 640x480 bites.

1st March 2005

broken_body5:32pm: diablo...
Does anyone have any diablo icons??? I would credit anyone who can do this for me... I want the cover of the game and then just make it say Diablo on it...Or just any diablo icons will do!! THANKS SO MUCH!

27th February 2005

beltspinner11:08am: Hey, I have a need. I was trying to install starcraft and broodwars on my new computer last night, and I realized that I no longer had the CD case, which means no CD key. I must have lost it when I moved last month. Would anyone be willing to give me their CD key? I havn't played it in quite some time, and really want to. Thanks.

31st January 2005

bakaorochizz4:14pm: heh...
i think im the only one here that still plays Starcraft...well...im notgosu
but i really need to figure out a Protoss Dragoon rush....if anybody can help, that would be highly appreciated....BTW...doesnt Tupac Shakur sound like a protoss name???

12th January 2005

frozengal10:45pm: n00b
g'day hi umm i just joined thi community my names sasha im 15 nd live in aus .. i <3 warcraft3 and i used to play d2 like ALOT i had .. a lv 99 mf sorc(1.09) 78,77 barbs,85,82,58 sorc,82 zon,38 assasin and a 78 pally i was tha biggest d2nerd lol i had like all my chars geared up nd shit lol but then on day sum one hacked my new "secret account" wif a lv 52 pally on it and im liek stuf this i quit and deleted evrything it was a sad moment lol .. well anywho now i play war3 frozenthrone my user name is .. cherry-coke [USwest]
Current Mood: crazy

26th December 2004

kill_the_night6:01pm: hey, anyone warcraft frozen throne players here, male/female willing to play a game with me and decide if they want to be AT partners with me? I'm really tired of random team, it just gets boring. i'd like someone i know i'm going to win with. yeah, so that means you can't be terrible. i'm no fucking gosu player, but i want someone who knows what they're doing. thanks, please get back to me either here or my AIM which is found in my info, thanks again.
Current Mood: calm

16th November 2004

divadevotchka2:23pm: any other female players here?

2nd November 2004

xptsofathrtyx10:19pm: Im New
Hea I just joined but now i have to go to bed........I have a lvl 79 fire/ice sorc and some pretty good items. my account name on D2 is Eyeoftheflame
Current Mood: Diablo is in me

1st November 2004

darkness_tear8:31am: Hey I'm new to the community. A little about me: I'm a HUGE WC3 player. I have my own clan and everything like that. I played D2 for a while but then quit...still don't know why but if you're ever interested in playing some WC message me or talk to me on bnet.

user name = 1nquisition

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