Im shying from the light, I always loved the night (psion_shaper) wrote in blizzard_mania,
Im shying from the light, I always loved the night

YAY we have people now!

YAY! we have people now! and since we do, hopefully we can make this a little more active. back when i first made this up there were like, 3 of us. anyway!

Im playing ALOT of warcraft III:TFT latly, mostly DotA and DBZ Tribute. anyone here play them, on US West (Or East, my connection is good ^_^) and want to set up some game times?
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hm what shall i do, if u want to join your community :P?
I just wish Blizzard would make Starcraft 2 already. *cries*
ya most definatly. they have been talking about it for far too long. but hey, they dont even have ghost out yet do they?
HEY HEY!!!i've been in this for awhile,but i've never had time to keep up with,here I am..AHHH!I'm not on d2 or sc alot anymore,which is pretty much all I got.I had war3:tft for awhile,which I will have again soon.But,anyway on d2 im mostly NL,MG_Snake)CK(.I was in clan [AF] but im out now cuz im inactive..their a kewl clan though,go check it out AHH!I'm advertising!noooo,ok seriously though,go check it out if you want to.If you don't I wont lose sleep.Oh btw,HEYYYYY!